Our Media Expertise


At Expert Editorial, we focus on your message first—what you have to say, to whom you want to say it and why. Then we help determine the best media for delivering your message. We can deliver your content in any of the following media.

Web video

Web video features are effective, long-lived communications tools that can also function as leave behinds and direct mail pieces. Expert Editorial makes custom video available at roughly one-third the cost of traditional production houses.

These web radio-style recordings are an effective way to bring together sources for lively, insightful roundtables.


These can be excellent and “evergreen” tools for deeper examination of technology and case studies.

Articles & Case Studies

Print-based tools remain highly portable and still-popular means of reaching targets and can be repurposed/augmented by serving as content for rich media as well.

Custom Publications
Showcase your point of view, subject matter experts and thought leadership in a custom magazine for print or electronic media.

White Papers
These are particularly effective for technology and thought leadership and as companion pieces to video features

Mobile Media

Apps for smartphones, tablet computers and e-readers represent an emerging and potentially powerful means of reaching target groups.